Electric Material Handler

Electric material handler transfers all C&D material with an orange peel grapple to begin the material sorting system. The stationary machine works entirely on electricity.


Bulky waste presents no problem for the sturdy, contrary-resistant U shredding unit. With its cutting gap open, it coarsely breaks down even the most awkward materials. For waste wood, the aggressive feed of the F unit and programmable reverse cycles ensure high throughput.

2D Picking Line

The 2d Picking Line is a 3B proprietary system designed by Walter Biel for sorting flat (2D) cardboard, paper and plastic materials. This extra step in the process ensures a higher percentage of recycling per load.


The Ballistor separates out usable fractions from waste and potential recyclables. By combining ballistic separation with screening, in just one pass-through the material stream is separated to the criteria 3/2-dimensional, rolling-cubic-rigid/flat-soft-narrow, and particle size.

Magnetic Separation

This is a proprietary, 3B designed system utilizing a high powered electro-magnet placed above a conveyor belt for removing all ferrous materials from the line. Metal debris from the line ensures a higher percentage of purity in each recycling load.

Finger Screen

The Finger Screen offers three separations in just one pass and promotes a better separation of the material.  These units effectively spread the waste stream, resulting in a steady flow to the sorters on the main line, and drastically increases the probability that the smallest particles will find their way through the fingers.

Z-Pan Feeder

Designed for heavy-duty applications, the Z-Pan Feeder ensures a steady flow of even the heaviest C&D material to the recycling system. The rugged and reliable construction makes it easy to operate and maintain with only a minimum of operator attention.

Robotic Separation –

3D Pickline

This simple, automated sorting process, creates the possibility for 24/7 continuous sorting. With higher purity of recycled materials, this also increases higher aftermarket revenues. Easily sort multiple fractions and large objects with one robot, which reduces shredding and more importantly reduces manual sorting.